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Mar 20, 2013 5:00am PDT
the bonds stimulus continues to help the economy and lists believe he is likely to say the economy is better than it was weeks ago but he could mention the bailout to point out the risky economic situation. >>> hostess can sell and now a bankruptcy judge approved a deal and they still have to decide on the sale of other hostess brand including devil dogs and ring kings. >>> there is a new report about sugary drinks and where they rank for a health problem in the united states. >>> and we have a colorful celebration in the bay area, stay tuned for more news weather and traffic. . >>> carnival triumph was crippled by an engine fire leaving more than 4,000 people stranded but they will not be back until june 15th which means an extra 10 cruises will be canceled. >>> san francisco attorney wants the federal government to crack down on energy drinks. they are urging the fda to require the amount of caffeine to the put on the label. five deaths have been linked to the drinks and the company that makes the drinks say it is safe. >>> they have linked obesity to sugary drinks and the number co
Mar 21, 2013 5:00am PDT
because the bank is expected to move quickly to kick start the economy. it's suffering from low-grade deflation. let's check in on our numbers this morning. gains across the board yesterday for the dow. the nasdaq and the s and p and pulling up the latest futures which indicate slightly higher opening for the dow and the s and p. a drop on the nasdaq. more on the stocks to watch. one hit, hp held onto his position. they signal their displeasure over the $11 billion deal. four other board members have been criticized for one of the most expensive acquisitions in years. >>> one big tv network getting ready to shake up one of the longest, running tv shows, that could include a change of scenery. >>> an anniversary on alcatraz. what happened on the rock 50 years ago today. >>> jimmy fallon, steve allen, the network says it hasn't signed a deal yet with jimmy fallon. no specific timetable for the changes but most of the insiders say it's going to happen before the fall of next year. >>> another lawsuit tied to a teenage sex scandal claiming that the the voice of elmo through a crystal meth
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2